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Product Leaders Collective is a vetted community where senior Product Managers and current Heads of Product find curated Product Leadership roles.

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A strong product leader transforms a company. The right person can be the difference between building a world-changing product and something nobody cares.

If you're a senior PM, this is probably you:

  • Your inbox is spammed with mismatched opportunities

  • Headhunters are not focusing on you

  • Nobody on your corner pushing for your growth

  • Unclear path to the Product Leader role

  • Messages from companies that don't fit your next step

  • No hot-referral to get the role you want

We're becoming your Talent Agent

Highlighting top talent

A transformative Head of Product is hard to find. Our vetting process brings together senior product managers and product leaders who are prepared to take on the role.

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Leading roles, curated companies

Only select companies and filtered roles go out to our collective. We're keeping tomorrow's product leaders focused on the best opportunities.


Introductions that make sense

We'll only introduce you to roles that fit your specific needs. If the suggested match isn't interesting, say "No". Only the right opportunities make sense for talent "that isn't looking".

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Anonymous until you match

Each member can also choose to be anonymous until they accept a request to match. You can also hide from your own company (for obvious reasons).

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Who's right for our Talent Collective?

Senior Product Managers & Product Owners

You've been shipping product for quite a while. You've mastered the IC role, and likely led people or significant parts of your product organisation.

Experienced cross-functional builders

You're an outstanding member of a Product, Engineering and Design group, with an instinct for the Product role, personally interested in stepping up.

Current Head of Product / Director with ambitions

You're currently a product group leader, maybe a Head of Product, and nobody is presenting you with great, ambitious, strongly matched opportunities.

Apply to join our Talent Collective

⚠️ In order to have a highly vetted community, we're keeping our acceptance percentage purposedly low.

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Are you hiring a Product Leader?

We're opening up to companies soon, so if you want to join our Collective drop your email below and we'll get in touch.

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