Product Leaders – Let’s create a valuable product culture in Europe


Product Leaders brings together experienced product, business and technology practitioners, passionate about building successful products.

The event is designed to be a unique space for learning and innovation. Taking place in Bucharest, a city with a rising technology and product sector, Product Leaders is not-to-be-missed!

As product enthusiasts ourselves, we are eager to learn from those who master the skills and to advance our knowledge. We are also happy to facilitate sharing among the members of product builders community.

As practitioners and long-time advisers focusing on innovating in education and technology, we’ve encountered many questions and challenges along the way. This offers us the possibility to work on providing quality content and practical learning to support the business growth.

After organising 10 international community conferences and 5 successful I T.A.K.E. Unconference editions, the only technology agnostic event in CEE, we are now producing the Product Leaders event, as an unconference that:


√ combines the right amount of presentations and workshops from carefully selected practitioners with the serendipity brought by the Open Space format

√ encourages participants to share product field-stories, proven strategies, and practical techniques

√ offers a dynamic learning atmosphere

√ proposes a hands-on exercise – collaboratively building a roadmap with the participants

√ enhances networking opportunities


And there is more: besides the main schedule, the event will end with a cheerful product networking party.


Join us on this journey! Let’s create a valuable product culture in Europe, together!

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