Trouble deciding which sessions to attend? Check out the recommended sessions for each persona.


cristina Patty the Product Manager

  • Manages successful products
  • Grows happy teams
  • Aligns business goals with product development
  • Follows metrics to measure and improve performance

carol Paul the Product Owner | Business Analyst

  • Works well with developers, testers & business stakeholders
  • Manages the product backlog
  • Creates prototypes and improves the user experience
  • Implements metrics to measure and improve performance

diana Pam the Product Designer

  • Designs innovative products
  • Runs experiments and improves the user experience
  • Matches business goals to product design
  • Applies innovative design techniques

albert Fred the Founder | CEO

  • Aims to create an innovative organisation
  • Designs the business and product strategy
  • Grows happy teams
  • Runs experiments to improve the business
  • Follows metrics to measure and improve performance

chris Ben the Business Developer

  • Contributes to business strategy
  • Interacts with customers
  • Follows innovation and new techniques
  • Implements metrics to measure and improve performance

megan Valery the Visionary Manager

  • Cultivates the autonomy, motivation and drive of teams
  • Leads by example
  • Grows happy teams
  • Coaches teams to improve performance

tamara Sarah the Startup Founder

  • Develops a technology product
  • Experiments and measures results
  • Interacts with users
  • Creates the business strategy

tudor Victor the Visionary Developer | Visionary Tester

  • Enjoys creating valuable products
  • Applies new product development techniques
  • Cares about the user’s experience
  • Will create a million dollar app one day

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